Ashwad Nomani

Rizwan Qureshi

Shanamma Patil


As more and more people have the access to the internet nowadays, the need for travel agencies has declined as the airline companies have started to sell products directly to the customers online. As a result, many agencies have started their own website with details of the travel information. These websites use high end technology travel solution which help them to deal with the latest updates and details of thousands of hotels, flights and car rental services. Some of these websites also provide options that allows the users to compare flight and hotel rates with other companies. The travel agencies have started using dynamic packaging utilities, which has helped them provide services that are fully bounded at the same prices and sometimes even lower than the online booking sites. All the online sites work with different travel agencies, which provides them with more efficiency once the customer orders a ticket or books a hotel. Online travel agencies do not have any office or other overheads,hence they can generally get better deals on airfare and hotel accommodations than travel agents with offices and overheads. Online travel

agents usually work from the comfort of their own homes and are fortunate enough not to have to go into an office.The saving that the company receives by not having an office can often be passed on to the customer. There has never been a better time to travel, both on an international and domestic level. The leading top five online travel agencies of India are as follows:



1) To provide top quality consultancy services which maximis client’s online booking and travel experience

2) to cunduct our business according to the hight level of ethics.

3) To ensure that our clients get the best value, quality and satisfaction from using our services.


Travel agency have existed for quite some time as compared to the retail shops in India. The website is very useful in
preparing user friendly flight offers for our customers.
We all like the websites, i like being able to email if there is a problem so u can see what
we see, and you are very quick reply (but problems don’t often happen)


In the light of above topic, we surveyed 100 youngsters (20- 30 years of age) from our vicinity. Following are the five statements we put to respondents on liker scale.

    • STATEMENT 1: Online websites give a lot of options.
    • STATEMENT 2: Booking and cancellation is hassle free.
    • STATEMENT 3: Price comparisons are easier.
    • STATEMENT 4: Agents are not involved, hence cheaper rates.
    • STATEMENT 5: Option to select different itineraries based on user choice and taste.
Data was coded as +2, +1, 0,-1,-2. After rectifying missing entries data was put into excel sheet. Calculations were done by using the formulae
Mean= (∑X )/N
Standard Deviation= (∑(X-X ̅)2)/(N-1)
Standard Error= (Standard Deviation)/(√N)
Z= (X-0)/(σ/(√N))
If Z > 1.96; Statement is accepted
If 1.96 > Z > -1.96; Statement stands neutral
If Z < -1.96; Statement is rejected


MEAN 0.56 0.39 0.22 0.24 0.58
S.D. 1.6992 1.6278 1.5968 1.6031 1.5976
S.E. 0.7599 0.7279 0.7141 0.7169 0.7144
Z value 0.7369 0.5342 0.3080 0.3347 0.8118
Accepted Accepted Accepted Accepted Accepted


There are a very few online travel websites as compared to the huge offline community of travel agents across the country. However, as with other online businesses, these websites are accessible to a larger part of the society and a much greater reach. Even the country boundaries have diminished since the site can be accessed directly from any part of the world. Increase in the competition over the years and expected future growth only suggests higher competition out of which the winner will be the travelers as they will be getting better deals at cheaper prices. Our survey reflects the same. There is going to be a big turnaround in the online travel business in the near future.