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Reservation is a necessity or a burden for India

Reservation is a necessity or a burden for India Survey conducted by – Swaraj Bhattacharya Sanket Nair Menon Divya Gopakumar ITM Executive MBA Batch 1 (2015-2017) INTRODUCTION: The caste based reservation in India is a never ending debate with no realistic outcomes till date. Objective of introducing the reservation system ages ago was to uplift the conditions of less privileged strata of the society and ensure that the minorities are not discriminated. There is little evidence if the reservation system has performed well and made a relevant difference or contribution towards the economic growth of India as a developing country. Read More
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Reliance Jio telecom launch is going to disrupt Indian telecom market?

Reliance Jio telecom launch is going to disrupt Indian telecom market Presented By: Amar Mahto, Amrish Patil, Arun Pathania (ITM Executive MBA Program) Introduction Reliance Jio 4G launch is a talk of town everywhere. We tried to know people pulse through this survey. People are really excited with this launch news however little upset due to multiple postponement of launch date. Objective To know people view on Reliance Jio Telecom Launch if it’s going to be a big game changer in Indian telecom industry. The survey was conducted to know that. Views & Reviews Sunil Mittal, Bharti Enterprises Chairman, reckons Read More
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Drought in Maharashtra due to lack of management or vagaries of climate change.

Drought in Maharashtra due to lack of management or vagaries of climate change By Sunil Malgunkar Shampa Adhikari Sony Yadav 1.Introduction While the Maharashtra government is crying hoarse about this year’s drought surpassing the one in 1972 and farmers are cutting off their crops and digging deeper than ever for water, an analysis based on rainfall patterns blames it on poor long-term vision and unequal water distribution. Recent news has been flooded with reports of the severe drought situation in the Marathwada and Vidarbha regions of Maharashtra. Even more shocking are the reports of large-scale suicides by farmers due to Read More
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News Channels have turned into entertainment Channels

TITLE News Channels have turned into entertainment Channels Akhilesh Upadhyay Ankush Suryavanshi Tejinder Kur ITM Executive MBA Program MBA-1,Batch-43 1}INTRODUCTION: These days the dearth of real News is decreasing at an alarming rate. ‘News Channels’, the most important catalysts that should play an important role in shaping the minds and changing the opinions, sentiments and dogmas of the public, these days have a negative effect on the society. Every time i turn my television on, i am bombarded with News about the latest thing that Lindsay lohan did or what Paris Hilton wore to the awards. A shocking story about Read More
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IPL is a good platform for India

  By: Akshay Mehta Ganesh Priyanka Jage   INTRODUCTION: Indian Premier League (IPL), Indian professional Twenty20 (T20) cricket league established in 2008. The league, which is based on a round-robin group and knockout format, has teams in major Indian cities. With the advent of the IPL, almost overnight the world’s best cricketers—who had seldom made the kind of money earned by their counterparts in other professional sports—became millionaires. The owners of the IPL franchises, who included major companies, Bollywood film stars, and media moguls, bid for the best players in auctions organized by the league This project is an attempt Read More
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Indian women’s protest against gender inequality is genuine

By: Akshay Ingulkar Bharat Modi Gauri Sonawane Ritesh Mukherjee   INTRODUCTION: Being denied entry into certain temples or mosques, therefore, is not a spiritual issue. It is only a legal issue. That so-called “places of worship” are man-dominated and seats of discrimination must open their eyes to the fact that these are places where god is routinely mocked. Practising discrimination in the name of god is the worst form of irreligion. A place where this is done has nothing to do with god or spirituality. Why do you want to waste your time and money there? I am sure that Read More
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INTER-CASTE MARRIAGES IN INDIA BY: FAISAL HULMANI NILESH SHINDE BIJAL PATEL 1. Introduction: The concept of caste system and religious discrimination are like a bane on the path of India’s progress. And when we talk about Indian marriages which are inter-caste and inter-religious, it seems like a taboo to most of the people. But in order to eradicate the caste system it is important that there should be inter-caste marriage. Indians have an orthodox mindset. They couldn’t imagine marriages beyond the same caste. Those who dare for the inter-caste marriage by violating the social norm had to face the consequence Read More
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MAKE IN INDIA concept would change economic conditions.-Survey report

MAKE IN INDIA concept would change economic conditions. – Survey report By: BHAGYASHREE CHAVAN ROBIN RAJAN DARSHAN HANUMANTE INTRODUCTION: The ‘Make in India’ program is an initiative launched to encourage companies to increase manufacturing in India. This not only includes attracting overseas companies to set up shop in India, but also encouraging domestic companies to increase production within the country. ‘Make in India’ aims at increasing the GDP and tax revenues in the country, by producing products that meet high quality standards, and minimizing the impact on the environment. The “Make in India” program includes major new initiatives designed to Read More
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Drought a burning issue

Researcher : Prathamesh More, Rajith, Saugandh. 1. Introduction In today’s time, one of the biggest challenge to any government is water scarcity. A water shortage rise in past few years at an alarming rate. Despite of all government measure taken to minimize the effect of drought nothing much has been achieved.. Every single day people of our country are facing this issue. It’s time to take some strong steps against it else it will be too late. This study makes an attempt to understand these drought issue specifically in state of Maharashtra. 3. VIEWS AND REVIEWS : Maharashtra govt should Read More
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  IPL VS MAHARASHTRA DROUGHT BY RAMNA RAJARSHI DEY SIDDHARTH SINGH 1.Introduction Many states of Maharashtra facing the acute shortage of water and objections have been raised over wastage of water to maintain cricket grounds across the state.On an average, one lakh litres of water is used up per day in the run-up to a match. But so do many other activities that may appear less compelling when compared to the water needs of households and farmers. It is facile to draw a link between drought relief and socio-economic activity-as-usual and insist that the latter be summarily brought to a Read More
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