Men as Homemakers

By: Apurva Saxena
Harpreet Kaur
Srestha Nandy
ITM Executive MBA program

“The man in our society is the breadwinner; the woman has enough to do as the homemaker, wife and mother.” This statement has become the stereotype of the society. In this era, where we talk of women’s empowerment and gender equality, how can we give space to such a thought?
Modern India may have witnessed a score of revolutions toward a gender-equal society but the extent to which it has been realised remains debatable.
The trend of stay-at-home husbands seems to have gained an acceptance among couples who feel such a setup can actually work well without hiccups. It is not fair to always expect a woman juggle between work and home. The husband too can be a participant in the balancing act.
This survey was conducted to get the views of youngsters on how ready they are to accept men as home makers.
When a woman wears the pants in a household, the husband feels defeated. Dr. Gitanjali Kumar, psychologist and marital therapist explains, “Insecurity arises when the husband finds himself asking for monthly expenses from his working wife. Unless there is tolerance and minimum ego-clashing between partners, a ‘role-reversal’ can be difficult to pull off.”
One of the world’s powerful businesswomen, PepsiCo CEO, Indra Nooyi’s husband called it a day and took over as the newly appointed homemaker.
It’s not about who wears the pants or dons the apron in the kitchen in a relationship, it’s about performing the role well, irrespective of who plays what for the marriage to be a blissful journey.
In the light of above topic, we surveyed 100 youngsters (20- 30 years of age) from our vicinity. Following are the five statements we put to respondents on liker scale.
STATEMENT I: Men are ready to keep their egos aside to work in home.
STATEMENT II: Girls are ready to accept their husbands working as homemakers
STATEMENT III: Teaching boys household choirs from childhood should be practiced
STATEMENT IV: A househusband will feel humiliated in front of his working friends
STATEMENT V: Men driven houses will work successfully
Data was coded as +2, +1, 0,-1,-2. After rectifying missing entries data was put into excel sheet. Calculations were done by using the formulae
Mean= (∑X )/N
Standard Deviation= (∑(X-X ̅)2)/(N-1)
Standard Error= (Standard Deviation)/(√N)
Z= (X-0)/(σ/(√N))
If Z > 1.96; Statement is accepted
If 1.96 > Z > -1.96; Statement stands neutral
If Z < -1.96; Statement is rejected
MEAN = 0.37,  0.25,  1.22, 0.34,  0.5
S.D. = 1.09779393,  1.076611,  0.746439,  1.065719, 1
S.E.=  0.10977939,  0.107661, 0.074644,  0.106572,  0.1
Z = 3.37039575,  2.322102,  16.34426,  3.190334,  5
Accepted Accepted Highly Accepted Accepted Accepted

From the analysis, we can conclude that youngsters are ready to accept “Men as home makers”. They readily accept that men should be taught household choirs from childhood like a women is taught. Keeping aside the humiliation that a man is thought to face among his friends, he is ready to be a part of the activities that would not only help in smooth running of his home but also improve relationships.