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Monthly archive March, 2016

Men as Homemaker

Men as Homemakers By: Apurva Saxena Harpreet Kaur Srestha Nandy ITM Executive MBA program INTRODUCTION: “The man in our society is the breadwinner; the woman has enough to do as the homemaker, wife and mother.” This statement has become the stereotype of the society. In this era, where we talk of women’s empowerment and gender equality, how can we give space to such a thought? Modern India may have witnessed a score of revolutions toward a gender-equal society but the extent to which it has been realised remains debatable. The trend of stay-at-home husbands seems to have gained an acceptance Read More
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A study analyzing for branding for apple

  TITLE: A study analyzing for branding for apple By Shubham Sanap Mohsin Tandel Murtaza Mukadam Introduction Apple Inc. has continuously enjoyed a favorable market position. The sales have always been good and much of its success has been attributed to its product innovation and technological superiority. This project is an attempt to study this success in a different light. There are certain things peculiar with apple products. One can say the marketing and product launches have always been distinctive. This study makes an attempt to understand these peculiar distinctive branding strategies of apple. Objectives To study the impact of Read More
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Job Vs Business – Survey Report

Job Vs Business – Survey Report By:- – Chetna Bendwal – Mariya Sabir – Shahin Sultana 1. INTRODUCTION: The study involves a survey on Job Vs Business. From many years it is confusion in minds of working class that what is best Job or business. Many employers joins business as they think business has more profit and many businessmen want to have a job as they think it is financially secure. However many people are well satisfied in their jobs and many in their business so there is a curiosity In young generation that what field to choose job or Read More
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SURVEY: Should Alcohol Be Banned?

SHOULD ALCOHOL BE BANNED? SUBMITTED BY: AKANKSHA BICHPURIA NUPUR SHARMA SAUMYA SHRIVASTAVA 1) INTRODUCTION An alcoholic beverage is a drink which contains a substantial amount of the psychoactive drug ethanol (informally called alcohol), a depressant which in low doses causes euphoria, reduced anxiety and sociability and in higher doses causes intoxication (drunkenness) , stupor and unconsciousness. Long-term use can lead to alcohol abuse , physical dependence and Alcoholism. Drinking alcohol plays an important social role in many cultures so most countries have laws regulating their production, sale, and consumption.Alcohol expectations are beliefs and attitudes that people have about the effects Read More
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TITLE: Internet-Advanced Digital Means of Learning

PRESENTED BY : Akanksha Shukla, Ayushi Sahni and Shubhendu Shankar INTRODUCTION: Present era is undergoing transition from old traditional way of learning with books inside classrooms to digital phase of learning. In this point of time internet has become more important than air. It brings out a point that a student in India will be able to learn from a professor in any field in any part of the world. Any information is available online via articles encyclopedias video lectures etc. Digital mode of technology which is currently connecting everyone is also responsible for transmission of wide amount of information Read More
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RM project – Aditya Birla Money Group

Company Name- Aditya Birla Money Group Done By-Abhishek Koli (Roll No.-51) ITM-Kharghar (Batch-42) Introduction: Aditya Birla Money is a single brand offering the combined products and services of Aditya Birla Money Limited and Aditya Birla Money Mart Limited. Aditya Birla Money Limited is a broking and distribution player, offering Equity and Derivative trading through NSE and BSE and Currency Derivative on MSEI. It is registered as a Depository Participant with both NSDL and CDSL and also provides commodity trading on MCX and NCDEX through its subsidiary company. Aditya Birla Money Mart Limited is a wealth management and distribution player, offering Read More
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Returns of Nifty 50 and Shemaroo Entertainment Limited

Submitted by: Sunayana R Singh MBA ITM Kharghar Roll No: 61 INTRODUCTION: The National Stock Exchange (NSE) is India’s leading stock exchange covering various cities and towns across the country. NSE was set up by leading institutions to provide a modern, fully automated screen-based trading system with national reach. The Exchange has brought about unparalleled transparency, speed & efficiency, safety and market integrity. It has set up facilities that serve as a model for the securities industry in terms of systems, practices and procedures. Shemaroo is engaged in the distribution of content for satellite channels, physical formats and emerging digital Read More
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How cell phones have changed us socially.

BY: 1) Rachna Puthran 2) Sarvan Kumar Pillai 3) Sunayana Singh Introduction : Innovations in society change us either for good or bad. Most however are double edged and bring with them both positive and negative effects to society. Cell phones are no different and their effect on our society has been drastic to say the least. There are many benefits that have been occasioned by the invention of mobile phones and have made life easier and better. Some of this includes facilitation in the acquisition of knowledge through mobile internet, enhancing communication because of their portability and increase trade Read More
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  TITLE: Trains in Harbor Lane   By Vijay More                             Roll No : 15 Arshad Chogle                                   Roll No : 18 Anusha Nair                           Roll No : 17   Introduction Frequency of train in Harbor lane has been taken as our research topic. Being the residents of Navi Mumbai, we felt the need to research on this topic as this is an issue we hear on a daily basis. The Harbor lane is a part of transportation system connecting Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. More than 1 million people travel on daily basis & some time they have to face many challenges Read More
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Group Project :- Employee Job Satisfaction.

  TITLE:Employee Job Satisfaction By-  ITM –Kharghar (Executive MBA-42) BhavneshMaindan – 83                          Sunny Shaji          – 69 Abhishek Koli       – 51      1. Introduction One of the toughest challenges any businesses and managers face in the growing economy is keeping their employees satisfied. A mix of workers nearing retirement, middle-aged workers changing companies for big promotions, and an increasing population of a younger, mobile workforce makes it tough for businesses to keep up. So how do successful businesses do it without necessarily giving employees a large raise, bonus, or promotion? Answer: Rewards & Recognition. These words are music to Read More
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